Interview with A. J. Martinez

It’s A. J. Martinez this time (that’s right, another A. J!). He is the author of “The Ungifted Elf”. This is the link to his website.

1) Your fantasy books take place in the same world, right? Can you tell us a little about it– its history, geography, cultures and the like?

In the world of Odealeous, there is the east continent and the west continent. The northern Glacier and the south Glacier. Much like in the real world, the east continent and the west had detached. So the people that live in the northern part of the world that I created was based on Europe. In the southern countries like Yama, The United Pathways and Maer Weeyar. These countries were based on Asian cultures. In the midlands you will find deserts, hot areas and more forest. These areas were inspired by African, Arabian and Hispanic cultures.

I wont explain every country in the book in detail ( that is for the reader to figure out).

All my stories will be in the same world. Odealeous is a world created by the dragon gods. All stories will intertwine; however, it does not mean that you have to read every book. Much like final fantasy, you will find much similarity within each final fantasy game yet each game has its own body and personality.

2) How did you first conceive of the world?

It’s funny how it happened. This is a spoiler of a book that I plan to write one day. You see the world of Odealeous was created because of a character that I had created since high school but never got to finish. When I was in college and I became serious about writing, I decided to finally start writing my first book that was going to be called Arkemie( which is the main character). Then I realize that the story that I created needed more “back up” to support it and so I created more lands and more history and next thing I know this world of Odealeous ended being created by the dragon gods. The first two humans were created with the breath of the four elemental dragons, fire, water, earth and air.

That is how it all got started so now I have to write a few books before I get to tell the story of Arkemie.

3) Tell us about your journey as a self published author ever since you clicked ‘publish’ on your first book?

When I discovered self publishing I was so happy, mainly because I am a control freak with the my art. I am very possessive.

Self publishing is harder but worth it. I never tried traditional publishing and don’t plan to unless they can make me an offer I can’t refuse and although I am not a bestseller yet I am not sure I will need a traditionally publisher ( perhaps for further expansion) As of now I am happy being a self published author and will always be.

Like all self published authors, one day I will turn to big house publishers (especially if I want a movie deal).

Ever since I hit the publish button I thought this was going to be easy and boy was I wrong. But that was years ago when I was young and naive.

4) Who inspired you to write? Was it any of your family members or was it just the library in the neighbourhood?

 JK Rowling, the one and only. Not only is she a beautiful women but she has a beautiful mind as well. Harry Potter awakened in me something so beautiful. As if the real world was the dream and the dream was the reality. Then I played a video game called Final Fantasy 7 by Square Enix and mind exploded. Ever since then I have been obsess with other worlds and sought out to create my own. But I was lazy when I was young. It was until I was 23 that I took this seriously.

Honestly, I didn’t always wanted to write. All I knew is that I wanted to tell epic fantasy stories then I heard about the amazon kindle and I knew I had to jump on this.

5) How do you try to make your stories different from that of other fantasy authors (specially with all the clichés the genre is known for)?

Yes that is difficult and at the same time easy. The misunderstanding is that fantasy authors are inspired by the previous fantasy authors and thus we tend to recycle a lot of ideas with new “outfits.”

I try to stay away from clichés by changing roles for example. Romeo and Juliet. The story has been told in many different ways in fantasy, sci-fi, comedies and urban romance. However, the setting always changes and the way the story is told is always different. For example, in Fall of a Demigod, Caim fall in love with a human girl. Caim’s vow to the Effeelions (evolved elves) does not allow him be with this girl, so he has an internal fight with his human and godly side, the flesh and the divine, what will it be?

Again, the Romeo and Juliet story has been told so many times, you just need a new idea, a new setting, new conflict and new obstacles.

6) Despite an author trying to make his stories unique, readers always find glimpses of other authors in his works. Which writers have had the biggest influence on your writings?

Well I would not say a particular author but more like a video game. You see I wanted to write a story that has a lot of magic in it like final fantasy but it seems that there was a lack in the genre of what I was looking for. So I wrote the type of book I wanted to read. Character fighting with elemental magic, throwing one spell after the other, flying on the back of giant mystical creatures., transforming and using magical items and summoning entities from another realm. That is what I wanted. If this sounds like final fantasy to you then yes, you are right. I wanted to create my own world filled with magic in every corner.

As far as my favourite writer….as of right now it would have to be Daniel Arenson. The way he writes is very lyrical and detailed yet short, to the point and paints a picture in your head.

I built my vocabulary reading his books.

7) Have you ever teamed up with other writers to create a book bundle? We both write in the same genre, what would you say to the idea of a fantasy bookbundle in the future (once I get other authors to join as well)?

I have not done that yet because I am waiting until I am finished writing my first fantasy series titled : Rift of Chaos.

Once I am done writing it and once it’s published I am looking to join forces with other authors. In fact the book is already done but it’s not yet published.

Chaudhury, I would like to join forces with you and promote each other’s books.

8) When is your next book coming? Any spoilers?

Most likely December 2015 or spring of 2016. It is my first book series and I want it to be absolutely awesome and error free. As for spoilers, three characters from my previous books will be there. Auron from Scarlet Quest, Caim from Fall of a Demigod, Eckxio from The Ungifted ELf.

9) Anything else you’d like to add?

Yeah, go to my website and get a free copy of the Ungifted Elf.

It comes with the audiobook as well.

thanks for the interview and I hope everyone likes my books.

Thanks for having me.


About A J Chaudhury

A. J. Chaudhury is a young author from India of fantasy and historical fiction. His short story "A Song of Blood", set in historical Pragjotisha, has released recently, and more tales are following soon.
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