Interview with J. L. Hendricks


It’ s author J. L. Hendricks on my blog today. She is the author of The Eclipse Series. You can visit her at her blog

1)Do introduce yourself a bit.

HI There! My Pen name is J.L. Hendricks, but you can call me Jennifer. I have only been writing since February. This is all new to me, but I am having the time of my life!

2) Tell us about the Eclipse series and its main characters.

The Eclipse series is a fantasy/supernatural/Sci-fi series with some romance. I have vampires and fae warriors who come from another dimension. They cross over to Earth and bring their war for world domination with them. Us humans have become nothing more than fodder for the vampires, they call themselves Rippers. But unbeknownst to us, there are more creatures out there in other dimensions. We will meet more soon.

B’Lana is the heroine. She is a human who gets caught in the middle of a fight between the two creatures and when she is injured by a vampire, she must make a decision. Die from the infection, or transform into something no one has seen for almost 200 years!

Lancer is the leader of the fae warriors and he is the one who rescued B’Lana, or the kidnapper, if you ask her. Mostly he can’t stand to be in the same room as her, but it’s not because he hates her. She just might be the girl of the prophecy and he isn’t supposed to be attracted to her.

Ash is the playboy who just wants to flirt with B’Lana, but takes his job of protecting her very seriously. He helps her to adjust to her new world and in the process grows to be a man worthy of her love, but will she accept his love?

3) When were you first bitten by the writing bug?

I can remember all the way back to 9th grade where I started a book, but never finished it. It was supposed to be a story about a time I snuck out of the house to meet my boyfriend and some other friends. The night was crazy and a truck was totaled. Maybe one day I will get around to telling that story. But since then I have enjoyed telling stories, most of which never left my head.

4) Any event in your life that influenced your books.

I moved around a lot growing up  and had to learn how to make new friends almost every year. So I think that gave me a lot of time to spend daydreaming, which is where I started to create new worlds I wanted to visit in real life. Then eventually I created the Eclipse Universe which I can’t seem to leave.

5) Who is your favorite character in fiction?

Oh that is tough! There are so many great characters! My favorites change all of the time, but right now I would have to say that Mr. Darcy is my favorite. Well, after Ash from my series.

6) How do you prepare your books for publication?

My writing group has been discussing this very thing, while there are a lot of great programs out there I only use Word right now. But I am also only on Amazon for now. If you can set up a few things in Word then you don’t have to use anything else.

7) How did you get your very first book sales and reviews?

My mentor, Michael Anderle, promoted my books on his FB site and welcomed me to his Amazon author site where he has all of his author friends introduce themselves. My first reviewer said they read my book because of the Amazon site where I posted my book on Michael’s site.

8) What is your current marketing strategy to stick out in the constantly changing indie publishing word?

I am still trying to figure this out. But right now I am focusing on creating the best FB ads I can. I have been able to get my cpc (cost per click) down to 1c but I still am not getting many sales. So now I need to figure out how to get those who are clicking on my ads which take them to Amazon, to buy the books! LOL

But, there are also some really great sites to use for promo’s. Readfreely and ILVN are the two best I have used recently. Tried and was turned down for a BookBub, but will try again soon!

9) Who are your favorite authors? What about favorite books?

Again, I have a lot! But KM Shea and her Snow Queen series still stands out a lot! Jane Austen is an all-time favorite of mine and I have read all of her books. I have a new author I am reading in the YA genre and her time travel book, Infinite Time by HJ Lawson is really interesting! I think there are a lot of authors who can write YA and still make a great story that adults of all ages can read. I appreciate that style.

10) Which author’s writing style has most taught you about the mechanics of creative writing?

Michael Anderle and KM Shea were the two I read the most when I was writing my first book and trying to figure it all out. I am now looking at sci fi romance for a new series I will be starting soon, and Seven Steps has a clean sci-fi alien romance novel that I just loved. I am trying to break it down and see what the formula is for creating a good, clean, romantic alien abduction story. I have read a few of the others in this genre that aren’t clean, some rely soley on the sex to sell their story, but others have really created a wonderful world that I would love to step into, minus the sex of course. I am writing YA after all.

11) What are you releasing next?

My next release will be book 5 in the Eclipse series but it is also a new entry point to my universe. It does start off where book 4 left off, but it is written in such a way that any new readers will be able to understand what is happening. In this book I will be introducing some new supernatural beings to my universe, and not all of them are from another dimension either!

12) Anything you would like to add?

I would like to thank all of the indie authors out there who help those who are new to all of this. I have met some really great authors who have helped me along the way, I know I would not have my 5th book coming out this month if they hadn’t of helped me. Indi authors are more like a family and not competitors. We all share our knowledge and help each other any way we can! So support the indie’s! They are doing this without the backing of huge companies.

A. J. Chaudhury is a young author from India writing mostly in the fantasy genre. His historical low fantasy short “A Song of Blood” releases shortly. Click here to download his fantasy novella “The Drabird” for free.



About A J Chaudhury

A. J. Chaudhury is a young author from India of fantasy and historical fiction. His short story "A Song of Blood", set in historical Pragjotisha, has released recently, and more tales are following soon.
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